Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Cedar Ranch Truly Beloved     "Trudy"
Trudy Clearances
Ht: still growing
Wt: 50 lbs, still growing
OFA Hips: will be done at 2 years
OFA Elbows: will be done at 2 years
OFA Cardiac: will be done at 1 year
OFA Patella: will be done at 1 year
OFA Eyes: Normal 2018
EIC: DNA Clear
CNM: DNA Clear
PRA: DNA Clear
RD/OD: DNA Clear
SD 2: DNA Clear
DM: DNA Clear
Dilute: DNA Clear
Copper Toxicosis: DNA Clear with one protective gene
Dilute: DNA Clear
Carries Yellow and Black
2018 was the year of the puppies! It is
time for us to keep several pups as part
of our future generation, and Trudy was
a girl we just could not part with. Trudy's
mom is our wonderful girl Tilly (now
retired from breeding), and her dad is our
big chocolate boy Tank (also retired from
breeding). Her grandfather (Tilly's sire) is
our other amazing boy Luke. We have
really liked the blend of our two stud
dogs through their daughters and Trudy
is no exception. Trudy is very mellow
and loves everybody and is nice and
gentle with the younger pups. She also
seems to have very tasty ears as Griffin
is always licking them so her ears are
constantly wet and dirty! She tolerates
him very stoically. She also loves the
water and enjoys retrieving. We will post
more pictures as she grows.
Trudy, 5 months old
Trudy, 5 months old
Mabel and Griff, 1 year old, Trudy, 8 months old
Trudy, 8 weeks old
Trudy, 4 weeks old
Trudy, 2 weeks old
Trudy, 1 year old
Trudy, 1 year old
Trudy, 1 year old