Retired Dogs
Twin Cedars Lady Liberty

Libby was a wonderful mother and
produced litters of all three colors for
us to enjoy. She was extremely smart
and received her CGC title and CD title
with Torrey as her trainer.  We did not
keep any puppies from her as she was
more of an American type Labrador.
She is enjoying her retirement with her
owners Michael and Nicole and her
"younger brother" Blarney who is an
Opal/Schooner puppy. One of the first
things she taught her new owners
was that she knew how to open
cabinets, in which she found and ate 2
lbs. of chocolate chips!
Twin Cedars Let Freedom Ring
5/8/2004 - 1/31/2018
Lovely Ruby, the start of our
chocolate breeding program.  
Mother of Bodie, Opal and
Maddie, Grandmother of Ruthie,
GM to Phoebe and GGM to
Griffin. She was a wonderful
dog and is greatly missed.
Kerrybrook's Desert Sunrise

Amber was a great girl from the
famous Kerrybrook kennel but we
decided to go a different direction
with our breeding program and so
did not keep a pup from her. She is
Cedar Ranch She's Somebody's Hero
She had two small litters and difficult
deliveries so was retired from
motherhood. She now lives with a
maltese brother and is very loved.
Cedar Ranch Diamond in the Rough  
Karlie was a gorgeous girl that
produced two litters of pups for us.
She now is an only dog for her
owners Tom and Emily.
Cedar Ranch Buckeye Creek

This is Brookie, full sibling to Opal
and Maddie and half sibling to
Bodie. She was a promising
breeding prospect but tore her ACL
while running in the snow and
while not genetic, we did not feel it
would be safe for her to support
the extra weight of a litter. She is
enjoying her new family and being
an only dog.
Cedar Ranch Sunshine on the Water
DOB 4/18/2008-2012

Saylor was a gorgeous dog but was infertile. She was
placed with a loving family but passed at a young age
from an intestinal blockage, a hazard with Labradors
that tend to put everything in their mouths.

In any responsible breeding program there are reasons that a male or female will be retired from the program. Usually they have had a
few litters and are placed in homes where they are the center of attention and no longer have to compete with several other dogs for
attention. Sometimes, they are young dogs that have not turned out to be the direction we want to go with our breeding program or
have fertility issues. We love placing our dogs with families that keep in contact with us so that we may see our beloved friends from
time to time!  People love to have one of our well trained retired dogs and we know that they are well cared for by their new families.
Cedar Ranch Gold Mine

Bodie was one of our favorites.
She now lives with the Mahre
family and her nephew. Click on
Bodie's picture to see her page.

Bodie, age 12
Oak Meadows Sandy Beaches
DOB 11/30/2006

program that we acquired as an adult. She
produced 3 litters for us of extremely smart,
talented pups of which several have gone on to
perform in sporting events. She will be enjoying
her retirement with the Tsuchida family. Click
on Pinky's picture to see her page.
Ridgeview Rough N Ready

Our first boy and a hard act to follow,
Trace has always been such a
gentleman and has produced the most
incredible pups! He is retiring with the
Cochrane family on their ranch so he
will be right at home. We still have his
great granddaughter Mabel  to
continue his legacy. Click on Trace's
picture to see his page.
Tealwood's Keep On Truckin'

Mack produced litters of wonderful
healthy chocolate and black pups for
us. Click on his picture to go to his
Cedar Ranch Alpine Madeline Rose

Co-owned with Peggy of Alpine
Labradors. We have her daughter
Ruthie to carry on her legacy!
Click on Maddie's picture to see
her page.
Cedar Ranch Wind Walker

Shianne was a wonderful mom as
you can see, even borrowing other pups after her first litter. We decided to
retire her and she is enjoying life with the Larsen Family and their two
young children. We will miss her irrepressible personality and not so much
her squeaky bark. We have her young niece Glory to continue on with her
bloodline. Click on Shiann's picture to go to her page.
Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Cedar Ranch Fire Opal
DOB 10/3/2006

Opal was another of Ruby's
gorgeous daughters. She
produced several nice litters
of pups of all 3 colors.
She is enjoying her new role
as a surrogate mom to foster
pups of all breeds! We miss
her so much! Click on Opal's
picture to see her page.

Opal and foster pup
Rockinoak Hunt for Red October

This is Red. Her color is called "fox
red", which is the name for the
darkest phase of the yellow
coloration. We have always wanted
a fox red for our breeding program
and we were overjoyed to have
come across Red as an adult. She
produced two lovely litters for us
from which we kept a pup. Her
daughter Blaze will hopefully
produce some nice dark yellows
and fox reds for us in the future.
Red is retired and loves
babysitting the Kenyon family's
young daughter!
Click on Red's picture to view her
Japatul's Rare Onyx

We got Onyx as an adult, and she
gave us her wonderful daughter
Crystal, shown below.

Cedar Ranch Rhinestone Cowgirl

Crystal is a wonderful girl that gave
us two litters of pups. She is
beloved by Erin Manion. Click on
her picture to go to her page.
Brandy De Ebbert
11/25/2003- 6/2017
Brandy was the well loved
daughter of our original girl
Samantha. We still have her
great great granddaughter
Mabel to continue on her
wonderful legacy!

Our girl Glory is one of our
favorites! She is mom of Lily and
grandma of Mabel. She gave us
4 litters and retired from
motherhood to live with her
daughter Bella and the Morales
family! Click on her picture to
see her page.

Cedar Ranch California Poppy

Blaze is a wonderful dog but
unfortunately had birthing
complications which only
allowed her to have one litter of
4 puppies. We were lucky to be
able to keep her daughter
Summer to try and carry on her
legacy. Loving life with Joan
Ang. Click on her picture to see
her page.

Our big boy Tank AKA Bubba
is currently semi-retired from
breeding and lives with a
wonderful family where he is
the absolute center of attention
which is exactly what he
needed. Tank is such a great
boy and not a day goes by that
I don't miss him dearly. Click
on his picture to see his page.