Hi. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy meeting our special dogs. Here at Cedar Ranch we love our Labradors and they
give us tremendous joy and happiness many times in return. We are proud of our dogs' accomplishments and how our puppies have
made many families very happy. Our prayer is that each puppy will be a great blessing to its new family. Please do not be offended if
you call and we give you the third degree. We want our pups to go to homes where they are kept healthy and happy and sometimes
the timing is not right for every person or family. We want the best possible situation for each puppy we place and therefore we have
strict guidelines in placing a puppy.

Our names are Rick and Tiffany Ginkel. We have four children, ranging in age from 23 to 15 years of age. Our younger children are very
involved in the care and training of the dogs and the socialization of the puppies. Our kids are an integral part of producing such nice,
family ready pups. Two of our kids have been involved in showing the dogs through our local 4H as well which includes training the
dog in obedience and showmanship, and this foundation has helped our kids to develop into pretty decent dog trainers as well.

In addition to our dogs, we have several other hobbies. Our kids play multiple sports, including football, trap shooting, and junior
rodeo. We enjoy going out to the Gordon's Well and Glamis sand dunes with our dunebuggy and quads in the winter when it is cool
out there. We also enjoy camping every summer in the Sierra Nevada mountains where we hike and fish. Every summer we say we are
going to vacation somewhere else and every year the Sierras draw us back.

I also enjoy photography and all of the background and dog photos on the website are my handiwork. All of the background photos
were taken on our property, at the desert, or in the Sierras. Below are some pictures of some of our activities.
Meet The Breeder
Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Bennettville Cabins, Eastern Sierras, 2007
Bennettville Cabins, Eastern Sierras, 2016