Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Hereditary Defect Guarantee

The breeder guarantees this dog able to be registered by the American Kennel Club, and has provided the buyer with the
AKC Registration document. This dog is sold on limited registration, which means that the buyer agrees that this dog will be
spayed or neutered and not used for breeding purposes. Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this dog NO EARLIER than 18
months old (or 2nd heat cycle in females) for females and age 2 for males to allow for growth plates to close. Buyer has also
been provided with the microchip documents, vaccination/deworming record, Feeding and Care Instructions, and a food
sample. Your puppy has been dewormed and vaccinated to ensure his/her health against parasites and diseases. He/she is
guaranteed against these contractible diseases for 72 hours. You may opt to visit your vet for a checkup within this time
period, or wait until the next shot is due.

This puppy is also sold with a 24 month guarantee against hereditary heart, eye, joint and genetic defects. The breeder has
made every effort to breed only animals that are clear of inheritable problems to the best of our knowledge. Both parents and
many prior generations are certified to be free from the following hereditary defects: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar
luxation, cardiac defects, vision affecting eye defects, PRA, EIC, CNM, and several other genetic defects. These certifications
are very important to insure the best possible health outlook for the offspring; however, a small percentage of puppies from
cleared parents may still develop defects due to the complicated inheritance patterns and environmental factors that influence
these defects. In order to qualify for this guarantee, the above described dog must be 24 months of age or less at the time of
diagnosis. The puppy must not have been neglected, abused, injured, over exercised, or kept overweight prior to diagnosis,
must not have been altered before 18 months of age, and your veterinarian’s records must be provided to verify this. The
Feeding/Care Instructions provided must have been followed, and receipts must have been kept to prove an approved food
was fed as per the guidelines. The dog must be positively diagnosed by the OFA, and the condition must affect the dog’s
quality of life. The diagnosis must be non-functional grade I to III bilateral elbow dysplasia, not including DJD by itself, or non-
functional grade I to III hip dysplasia, not including subluxation by itself, eye conditions must be vision affecting, and heart
conditions must be more severe than a murmur. Other known hereditary conditions are also covered if they affect the dog’s
quality of life. Not covered: ligament/cartilage damage/arthritis of the stifle joint or unilateral damage to hocks, shoulders or
other joints as this is due to injury. Minor items that are not covered: Minor hernias, undescended testicles, off bites or missing
dentition and allergies.

If the above described dog is diagnosed with a hereditary defect and all above terms and conditions are met, the buyer will be
given the option to keep or return the dog. Regardless of the buyer’s decision to keep or return the dog, the buyer will have
the option to receive a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement puppy as soon as one becomes available. Color and
sex of replacement puppy not guaranteed. Buyer also agrees that if unable to keep this dog for any reason, that it will be
returned to the breeder for placement into another approved home.