Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Dolce Vita's Chicks Dig Me     "Digs"
Co-owned and Resides with Peggy Poore of Alpine Labradors
now the proud co-owners of Digs. Digs is a
few single points shy of achieving his
championship.  Thank you Sonya Dudder for
trusting us with your boy! Digs will be bred to a
couple of our girls in 2018 and 2019. Will post
as plans finalize. Please see his clearances on
the page at left. Digs is the sweetest boy and
lives for the water. He is never dry, going into
freezing water like it is nothing. Luckily he has
an amazing coat to keep him warm and dry. He
has gorgeous conformation, handsome head
and wonderful melting expression as well, the
total package!